Brush Up: The Art of Dry Facial Brushing

Brush Up: The Art of Dry Facial Brushing

Dry Facial Brushing is becoming a regular step in many skincare routines. Why?Well, first of all it’s incredibly relaxing.  A facial brush is softer than a body brush so it’s super gentle and leaves you feeling glowing and refreshed.

It sounds simple but what’s going on under the surface is actually quite complex.

For starters, the action of sweeping your skin stimulates the oxygen flow within your face’s tissue; so underneath the skin, the oxygen is flowing and firing up the systems which are all designed to boost your skin barrier. That’s the production of collagen, lipids, and all the natural chemicals that work together to protect and nourish your skin.

All of this activity clears the energy channels and lightens the load for your lymph nodes. It also gently opens your pores to detoxify skin. So there are two dynamics at play and both help to clear and cleanse your skin’s tissue.

Finally, dry brushing acts as a gentle exfoliant that couldn’t be more natural. Ditch the chemical peels and let your little brush gently slough off excess and dry skin, leaving you with softened skin that naturally stimulates cell renewal.

When and How Often? 

It’s probably easiest to do in the morning when you skin is completely bare and dry. But if that’s not a convenient time then after evening cleansing would be a good time.

How often depends on you and your skin. 1-2 times a week seems to work well for most people.

Who's it for?

If you have open sores then dry brushing is not recommended. For everyone else, start very gently to see how your skin feels and then you can gauge how often and what level of pressure works best for you.

Watch our Video for a simple Dry Brushing Routine you can do on yourself.