“I got into bed last night smelling like a dream; I rubbed some onto my husbands face, too and then we were the dream team. Thank you”

Susan J.


“You took me out of my comfort zone suggesting that I ditch my moisturiser and use the Stellar Daily Serum instead. Whoa. I really wasn’t sure! I have to tell you that after a couple of weeks I cannot imagine going back to a water-based moisturiser. Thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone.

Lesley F.


I absolutely love your product and it makes me happy every day. I know that sounds like a weird thing to say about skincare but you are so right when you talk about scent and mood. I don’t think I have ever used the products without pausing and breathing in, no matter how preoccupied I am. You have truly created something beautiful and I for one hope you don’t plan to stop!

Katherine B.


This stuff is like heaven. My three wishes are granted! The whole trio: Smooth, Stellar and Dream. Excellent products and excellent service.

Lucille K.


As someone who has found the whole skincare world a little difficult to navigate, I am so pleased I found Desavery. An easy and super pleasurable routine and I know it’s doing great things for my skin since several friends have mentioned my ‘glow’. Thanks!

Hester P.